1. Shop Inspection
    2. Mill Inspection
    3. PIPE-LINE Construction Inspection
    4. Welding Inspection
    5. Building and Bridge Structural Steel & OFF-SHORE Facilities Inspection
    6. CCPP(Combined Heat & Power Plant), Petrochemical Equipment Inspection
    7. Non-Destructive Inspection
    8. Expediting Services & Progress reporting
    9. Supplier Qualification Surveillance
    10. Consultancy(WPS, PQR, Welder Qualification, Quality Control Manual,
                   Inspection and Test Procedures)

    ΆΓ Experienced Inspected items of our personnel:
                      Presuure Vessels, Heat exchanger, Structural steel, Bulk materials,
                      Valve and fittings, Rotating equipment, Towers, HRSG, CCPP,
                      Comppressor, Steei bridge structure, Building structure,
                      Petro chemical equipments, Off-shore & On-shore structures,
                      Iron & Steel Manufacturing facilities. Power plant equipments.
                      Neuclear Power plant equipments. Non destructive test evaluation,
                      Electrical equipments, etc.